Monday, September 22, 2014

Rugby Tournament

I hope we go hard and enjoy the tournament tomorrow!

Tomorrow our yr 7&8 boys are competing in a tournament at Wesley college. On the 23rd of September we are going to Wesley college to represent the East of Auckland. The bus leaves at around 7:45 am, We have to be at school by 7:00 so we can get ready.

The bus cost $10.We will need all our gear which is our mouthguard, rugby boots and black shorts. We have been training hard for the tournament, especially for us big boys.

Wesley college is providing us with snacks and lunch.There are a few rules that we have learnt. We will be versing heaps of schools from south.

Wesley college is a good college because you can get some good opportunities for your future. I was thinking of going Wesley college but i had already got accepted for Selwyn.

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