Thursday, September 4, 2014

Letter To John Key

To: Prime Minister John Key

I am writing this letter to tell you that plastic bags should be banned.

Plastic bags should be banned because sea creatures are dying from eating tiny bits of plastic. Around the world people are littering in the ocean and there leaving a big mess for others to clean.  Around 30 countries have banned plastic bags.

Did you know New Zealanders use one billion plastic bags each year? In NZ heaps of people are use to buying plastic bags for shopping instead of using their own bags. Plastics do not stay how it is in the water, it eventually breaks up into tiny pieces and stays there for about 1,000 years until a sea creature comes along and eats it.

Plastic bags from grocery stores should be banned because people are dumping them in the sea or not using them properly. Sea creatures like turtles think that plastic is food so they eat it. The little bits of plastic can be sharp and pointy. Can you please ban plastic bags?

Yours sincerely

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  1. Hello Texas! It is nice to meet you. My name is Sterling.

    I am glad to see that people from around the world are passionate about the environment. I truly hate to see pictures of turtles with their necks trapped in plastic rings. In America we have the same issue with plastic being dumped in oceans and rivers. At my college we are working toward a safe recycling area for the community.

    I hope that the prime minister writes back to you.

    Good job and good luck,