Thursday, February 20, 2014

What Is A netbook?


what is a netbook and how do we use it?

It Is a learning tool that we can learn like maths , Reading  and also writing. This device is a very helpful thing that now we don't have to write in books or anything else. This type of computer is a mini version  of all the big computers.

what kind of parts Is on the netbook is? Screen, Built in camera, Battery , Keypad, Usb port, Mouse, Built in speakers, On/off button, Touch pad , The  Hinges keeps the netbook stable.

How it works?This is just the same as a  laptop  but the netbook is a mini version. In The yr 7 & 8 block we use this to help with our learning. The best thing about an netbook is that we can chat, Skype, Facebook, Email, Youtube and google search to search things.

Extra details?

If there Is a problem with the netbook there is one thing you can insert, An reimaging stick that can delete or wipe every off your netbook. Make sure that you don't use an imaging stick every day because your netbook will have many problems

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