Tuesday, February 11, 2014

What does Empathy Mean?

Caring,feelings,emotion,friendship,understanding,looking out for each other ,worrying ,experiencing

Empathy is the ability to share  each others feelings. Empathy is to understand the experience’s or emotions of another person. What does it mean to me? Caring for each other when they need help and also when something is difficult for them, understanding how they feel.

For an example If I were sad or unhappy what would you do to make me feel  happy? Well someone might  be talking about it and sharing each others feelings, or they can feel and understand what is happening to me.

People worry about each other if they’re  sad  or not feeling well. Just to be sure people can see what you can see. If you meet someone new and they aren't feeling well but you can’t understand try to communicate with them.

I can experience new things like signing up for sports, playing a new type of game.Its a good opportunity to sign up for something that you haven't tried.

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