Friday, February 28, 2014

My ThankYou Letter To Mr Alai

Pt England School                                           
130 Pt England Road
Pt England

Monday 24th February 2014
ph: (09) 527-6237

Dear Mr Alai,

Thanks Mr Alai for coming along to our school picnic. If you had not come, our class wouldn’t of went because we would of stayed back at school. We would have to think of something else to do.

Before every picnic we usually have a team assembly to see If everyone Is here and if they have everything to bring. Sunscreen is the first thing that we have to put on our face. Carrying the gear  to the reserve.  

I really liked playing softball with Mr S, And Ms V and also the boys.That was a very nice day to play outside and kick back with the mates. Chilling and having fun I got to rest and listen to music while everyone was playing.
Our class enjoyed playing games, Having a swim and hopefully you enjoyed the day with our class. Our class was very happy to have you as a helper. It was a pleasure to have you, Ms Erick, and James come and help our class.

Thank you so much for coming

Kind regards 


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  1. Hello Texas,
    I just finished reading your Thank you letter. I thought it great but there were some sentences that didn't quite make sence. Next time just remember to proof read your writing , and what was your favourite part of the school picnic. Besides from that, keep up the good work.