Friday, February 14, 2014

Guess What happened at today's assembly?

Guess what happened at today Assembly?

This morning we lined up for our school assembly. The year 7 & 8’s had done the prayer for this morning. Mr Burt our principal played the guitar while everyone sang the national anthem. Wyatt Had said his mihi about him that he learnt from one of our Maori teacher’s.

The music teacher had made a little group that had some awesome dance moves. An video had popped up on the projector of that group and a bit of teachers. There were some pretty impressive dance moves.

Mele,Gloria,Levi,Tyler,hope and Neo walked up on the stage to performed a hip hop dance for Pt England and also the camera’s were out to see what they done. It was  Very loud but an great start off for today.

Four lovely women had came to our school to present a Samoan dance. They had told our school some moves that goes with the dancing that they showed us. As the four lovely Ladies finished we started our Duffy awards,These awards go out  kids that do good things.

Our school sports teacher had two posters to give away but you have to get the right answer. House captains had gotten their badges and also the prefects. As Mr Burt finish shaking hands he gave out a few kids awards, When little kids start at this school they get an award.      

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